Unicorns and Doughnuts. I can't help but ask myself, Why?

As I find myself wasting away looking at page after page of artist's blogs and websites I start to wonder what it all means. In a lot of ways I feel like creating art is a narcissistic endeavor. We try our hardest to gain praise and accolades from our peers and mentors. We are pushed to create a name for ourselves, rarely reminded about who our art is actually going to touch. I can admit that I have given far too little thought as to who I am going to affect with my artwork. When looking upon certain artist's work I feel as though they could do anything they wanted and they would still be able to support themselves. Like someone could draw doughnuts and unicorns all day long and at some point it would catch on and they would live a comfortable life doing just that. I mean, who needs paintings of doughnuts and unicorns in their life? Wouldn't the world be the same without this artist? Can we call it a noble cause to do nothing more than give a group of people a completely superfluous pleasure? I would like to think that my artwork would not be of that category and yet at present time I feel as though it has fallen prey. I want my artwork to move people. In what way, I am still unsure. In the end I would hope that my artwork will have impacted the world in a positive way and transform them into better people. With that being said I feel like a pendulum swinging back and forth between art as purely superficial and a complete necessity of life.